Dolomites | 4K time lapse

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Here there’s my last project, a time lapse viedo about dolomites, shot between Trentino and Sudtirol.

It was entirely shot during two summer vacations: the first in Val di Braies, in 2014 and the second in San Martino di Castrozza, during summer 2015. It show the passing of a whole day in those beautiful rocky peaks, from sunrise to night. It presents breathtaking panoramas, as well as secret details, from the iconic tre cime di Lavaredo, to unrevealed waterfalls.  Dalle inconfondibili silhouette delle Tre cime di Lavaredo, agli ampi pascoli verdi, fino ai tortuosi torrenti alpini, alterna panorami scenografici a dettagli quasi nascosti, nel tentativo di catturare le molteplici bellezze che questi luoghi offrono.

Scattato con: Nikon D7000, Nikon D5000, Nikon 18-105 mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Samyang 8mm, slider autocostruito.

post produzione in: After Effects, Lightroom e Tltools

Here there’s the youtube version, uploaded in 4K resolution, enjoy it!

Behind the scenes

Everyone who has ever tried to shot a time lapse project knows how much effort there is behind each single clip. Every operation requires a lot of time: from reaching the location at unusual times, to setting up the slider, to post prossesing the shots. Just to give an idea:

  • The shooting alone of each sequence requires between 25 minutes (cloud shots) to 3 hour (stars shots)
  • setting up the slider need an average time of 30 minutes
  • The post processing of each sequenc takes between an hour and 3 hours or more, if there’s flickering or people to remove.
  • The time to choos a proper music track, usable under CC license
  • The editing and collor correction time, which is, by the way, the least.

Here there are somephotos of the behind the scenes of the clips in the video.


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